SOUND4 Technical Trainers bring years of real-world experience in delivering Broadcast technology. Our best-in-class team is composed of remarkable leaders that will train you how to maximize the benefits of the technology, provided by SOUND4.

Regardless of whether you are a professional or a newbie broadcaster, SOUND4 offers several types of training courses that will help you and your organization get the most out of your SOUND4 product. Our training courses could take place Online, at the SOUND4 Training Centre or On-site.

Online Training

Our Trainers are performing real time, live online courses intended to acquaint you with the usage of your SOUND4 product. These sessions last an hour or less and give you the opportunity to interact with Trainers and discuss all your questions in detail. The online training is a valuable and cost-effective method for improvement of the practical skills and gaining expertise for solving possible technical failures, due to incorrect product utilization.

SOUND4 Training Centre

Prior providing practical engineering skills training at SOUND4 Training Centre, our instructors will conduct conference calls and discussions with representatives from your company, to get familiar with the desired outcome of the training, and any special areas of emphasis.

A variety of courses, developed to enhance your skills and knowledge are available:

  • Theory and Principles Course - 2 Days;
  • Operators Courses - 2 to 4 Days;
  • Technical Courses (as per application);
  • System Overview for Managers - 1-2 Days;
  • System Overview for Engineers - 4-6 days.

On-site Training

SOUND4 on-site training courses are intended to give our customers the training they need, in the most efficient manner possible. The courses take place at the client’s premises: this allows the training to be focused on the most relevant questions to the company and discussing the issues in-depth.

On-site training is the most inexpensive solution, when five or more staff members should be trained. It will ensure that everyone is on the same page.