Global Customer Care Centre

SOUND4 is pleased to announce its extended Global Support.

We, at SOUND4, pride ourselves on our dedication to the customers. Our continued commitment is to provide you with the personal, prompt and professional service you deserve. Please contact us as regard any questions that you may have or to communicate with us your commentarries, concerning the purchase. We would like to be notified about anything that we could assist you with. All cases are processed and analyzed in order of priority and time of submission. We may contact you for more information about your case.

SOUND4 Technical Support is delivered through three packages and is available for customers with or without Annual Service Maintenance (ASM). Custom-tailored Service Level Agreements (SLA) is also obtainable.

Standard support without ASM package includes the provision of critical case handling on ASAP (as-soon-as-possible) basis. Issues considered as non-critical are answered within 24 hours.

Standard support with ASM ensures immediate critical case attention. Issues considered as non-critical are answered within 24 hours. Fixes, patches, and software upgrades are supplied without charge, as part of this package.

Service Level Agreement is designed to ensure that critical issues are resolved within the specified time and execution of predetermined action plans is in effect. Remote channel monitoring and “master control room” service are also available.

An overview of our Standard support with or without ASM and Service-Level-Agreement:

Key features Standard support
without ASM
Standard support
with ASM
Service Level
Global Support + + +
Unlimited support cases + + +
Software downloads and firmware updates + + +
Critical Case Handling ASAP Immediately Resolved within
specified time
Non-Critical Issues answered within 24 hours + + +
Fixes, Patches and Software Upgrades - + +
Executing Pre-Determined Action Plans - - +
Equipment Remote Monitoring and Maintenance - - +

Global Customer Care Centre can be reached conveniently via email or phone:
Main service number in English: +33 (413) 415-540
Support number in English: +359 (56) 836-701

United States phone access numbers:
US Toll Free: +1 (888) 238-5444

Manuals, Firmware & the Latest Software are available at our Download section. For technical support, you might like to refer to the FAQs and the video Tutorials.