SOUND4 ULA8 - Playout derives its name from the idea of Universal LAN Audio and is dedicated to the concept of compatibility of different standards, which means that it allows you to use a Livewire source and send it in a Ravenna network. It has an impressive capacity, with 8 stereo inputs (for the Play function) and 8 stereo outputs (for the Record function), in addition to the 8 ULA inputs and outputs (Livewire and Ravenna).

It guarantees very low latency of just 1.3 ms and is 100% compatible with Link & Share. As this is a hardware solution, it also offers great stability. Its Matrix engine has a special 3D Mode that introduces a notion of priority when connecting sources to destinations, with the order of priority ranging from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest priority). This makes it possible to establish source scenarios for backup and mixes groups directly in the heart of the 3D matrix, which greatly simplifies operation.

The 3D audio matrix also has a Mix Engine with the capacity of 16 inputs to 16 outputs. Cross-fades are assignable separatel for each source. Thanks to this tool, it is no longer necessary to use an external mixing engine to mix Playput sources with ULA sources (Livewire or Ravenna).

SOUND4 ULA8 - Playout is also 100% compatible with Link & Share - the SOUND4 protocol that provides "read and write" access to all parameters of the company's products and allows users to directly send commands to one or more SOUND4 cards.


What is ULA

ULA means "Universal Lan Audio", in few words this is not a new standard, but a "compatible concept" where audio IP sources from different standard are now compatible and exchangeable. With ULA, we can catch a Livewire source and send it in Ravenna network... Thanks' to ULA, sources from different standard are fully cros compatible. For now, ULA integrates 2 standards (Livewire and Ravenna), we will add more standards soon.


What is the scope?

This card is mainly used as a sound card to directly play to Lan Audio (Livewire or Ravenna). Of course it is also possible to record from Lan Audio. This card is dedicated to OEM Integrators who also need advanced functionalities, like Mix Engine and 3D matrix Audio.


What is the capacity of the cards?

  • 8 stereo inputs (Play)
  • 8 ULA inputs (Livewire or Ravenna)
  • 8 Stereo outputs (Record)
  • 8 ULA outputs (Livewire or Ravenna)


What is the difference with a software driver solution?

  • Low latency: 1.3ms
  • ULA compatible (Livewire or Ravenna)
  • Stability: this is a hardware solution!
  • 3D Matrix
  • Mix Engine built in
  • 100% Link&Share compatible!


3D matrix, what for?

Until now the principle of operation of an audio matrix was to connect the inputs and outputs by their crossover points on a grid. This is the classic mode: "two dimensions" (input to output). With the 3D mode, SOUND4 introduces a notion of priority in the Matrix engine. In practice when connecting sources to destinations, it is now possible to define an order of priority, from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest priority).

It is then possible to establish source scenarios of backup, priority, mixing group directly in the heart of the 3D matrix. The aim is to simplify the task of OEM Integrators. Because operation will be extremely simplified, this new concept invented by SOUND4 will also reduce cost for end users...


A Mix Engine Built In...

The 3D audio matrix has also a Mix engine with a capacity of 16 inputs to 16 outputs. Cross-fades are assignable separately for each source. Thanks to the SOUND4 PLAYOUT ULA8, it is no longer necessary to use external mixing engine to mix playout sources with ULA sources (Livewire or Ravenna).


100% Link&Share compatible

The Link&Share is the SOUND4 control protocol, in practice it is a Telnet layer that provides read and write access to all parameters of SOUND4 products. Through Link&Share, the OEM Integrators can directly send commands to one or many other SOUND4 cards. In fact the Link&Share ca be seen as a "modern" generation of GPIO...


- 8 Stereo Inputs (Play)

- 8 ULA Inputs (Livewire and Ravenna)


- 8 Stereo Outputs (Record)

- 8 Ula Outputs (Livewire and Ravenna)

3D matrix:

- 16 Inputs to 16 Outputs

- 9 groups (mix, backup, priority) per output

Mix Engine:

- 16 Inputs to 16 Outputs

- Mute, gain, Fade In & Fade Out facility for each source


- 100% compatible

PCI express Board:

- PCI express card: PCI express x1 (compatible with x2, x4, x8, x16 slots)

ULA supported standard:

- Livewire compatibility: Live or Standard Stream

- Ravenna compatibility: High Performance and Generic Profiles

ULA connector:

- 100 Base Ethernet (on board)

Audio Driver:

- WDM, WASAPI (compatible Windows 32 & 64 bits)

- ALSA (Linux)

Compatible Operating System:

- Windows XP SP3, Windows 7/8/10/11 (32 & 64 bits), Windows Server 2008 R2, Wondows Server 2012

- Linux (Debian)

Quantity of cards per PC:

- No limitation except PCI express slot capacity in the PC

  • Quick User Guide

    SOUND4 Playout ULA8 Quick User Guide (English)
    Size: 608 KB Download

  • Software

    Universal All Products Installer

    The Universal Products Installer is the complete installation kit for all SOUND4 Products. Whatever you are using, an In-Box (19 inch racks) or a In-Card (PCIe or PCI cards), the Universal Products Installer installs the software suite for HD/FM products, IP Codecs, Voice Processors and Streaming Processors...

    The Universal Products Installer includes:
    • The Remote Control Software for In-Box and In-Card Products
    • For In-Card Products (PCI & PCIe):
      • SOUND4 cards Drivers (PCI & PCIe)
      • The SOUND4 Server (the service which handles data communication from/to cards)
      • Latest upgrade files (for all PCIe & PCI products)

    Link&Share Transmitter

    Link&Share is an open command protocol compatible with all SOUND4 Products. Thanks to Link&Share, it is possible to change a product Input, change the On Air Preset, switch an IP Link... Everything is possible with Link&Share!

    Here is the Link&Share Transmitter which offers you the possibility to send commands by script...

    Alarm Stacker

    The Alarm Stacker is a free program used to supervise and send alarm messages by email when something is not working correctly. According to product type, users have the possibility to define alarms on a very complete list of parameters.

    To oversee the operations of one or more SOUND4 cards, this program must be installed on the computer that hosts the cards.

    This program is compatible with all SOUND4 products.

    Remote Support Tool
    Size: 4.25 MB Download

    You need a dedicated support, you need our assistance remotely on your equipment... No problem, the TeamViewer Remote Tool Support is at your disposal.

    When downloaded, run it directly. In the window, you will see an ID number and a password. Please send it to our support team for a dedicated remote support.

    Note: this third party tool is provided for free.

  • Linux

    Linux Ubuntu OS

    SOUND4 proposes you to install the software package under your own Ubuntu.

    NOTE: SOUND4 does not offer Linux support. You have to master Linux Management if you plan to use these software packages.

    Compatibility with Ubuntu distributions:

    • Lucid Lynx - 10.04 LTS
    • Precise Pangolin - 12.04 LTS
    • Trusty Tahr - 14.04 LTS
    • Xenial Xerus - 16.04 LTS
    • Bionic Beaver - 18.04 LTS
    • Focal Fossa - 20.04 LTS
    • Jammy Jellyfish - 22.04 LTS

    Installation For a PC hosting SOUND4 card and running compatible Ubuntu version:

    1. Click on the following link to add SOUND4 repository - http://www.sound4.biz/repository/ubuntu/sound4-repository.deb
    2. Then install the driver with following link - apt://sound4exp1?refresh=yes
    3. Finally, install the SOUND4 server with following link - apt://sound4server

    If you also want to install:

    - the SOUND4 Remote Control, please use the following link - apt://sound4remote

    - the SOUND4 Stream, please follow the link - apt://sound4stream

    If you prefer to manage package installation by yourself, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Add the following source to your Ubuntu repository list (example for Lucid) - deb http://www.sound4.biz/repository/ubuntu lucid non-free
    2. Then get the SOUND4 GPG signature key - wget -q http://www.sound4.biz/repository/sound4.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -
    3. Install required packages - sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sound4exp1 sound4server sound4remote sound4stream
    4. Add the user to the audio group (needed for Alarm Stacker GUI) - sudo adduser $USER audio
    5. Log off and on to make the settings effective.
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