FM & STREAMING PRODUCTS: Kantar-Media Watermarking


Kantar-Media is the inventor of an innovative watermarking solution used by audience rating companies. In few words, this solution tags audio with inaudible codes... Thanks to this new option available for FM/HD & Streaming products, radios don’t need to invest in expensive watermarking encoders.

Dual-Watermarking: Always one step ahead...

In FM/HD processors, we built two watermarking encoders, one for FM signal and a second for Streaming, this is convenient when audiences must be separated!

End-point Watermarking:

At SOUND4 we know what sound processors can do on the sound... This is why we introduce the End-Point Watermarking, in this way we do watermarking at the very end of the processing chain to avoid any side effects done by the audio processing stages.

And Hardware solution:

The ultimate security:instead of using PC and others for tagging audio our solution is hardware, no risk to crash and lose audiences due to watermarking failures.

The cost effective solution: Instead of using extra hardware encoders which cost thousands of Euros or Dollars, our solution is just costing few hundreds!

See demo at: